Port Vision 2030 Port of Zwolle.
We have written the Port Vision 2030 and its 2020 business plan for Port of Zwolle. The Port Authority Port of Zwolle aims to strengthen the business climate for the port business, industry and logistics companies. Port of Zwolle wants to distinguish itself by creating added value for its customers and strengthen its competitive position.

Roadmap privatization and cooperation Gemeente Arnhem

For the municipality of Arnhem, we wrote an advisory report on options for the independence and cooperation of port activities in the municipality.


Port Vision 2030 and Port Cooperation Province of Flevoland

We have written the Port Vision 2030 for the province of Flevoland. Based on this vision, we have written a report on the options for cooperation to optimally facilitate a port company to be established.

Exploration NGICT Containertransferium
NGICT has developed a new concept for an efficient design of container terminals. Commissioned by KOCH adviesgroep and NGICT we have conducted an independent survey of the logistical and economic benefits of the system. In september 2015 Box Intermodal published an article about the economic exploration PSR did.

Inland terminal in the Zeeland region

For a number of entrepreneurs, we have researched the possibilities for a new container barge terminal in the Zeeland region. Part of this research was mapping out the investment, the potential and the revenue for a solid business case.

Course: "Entrepreneurship in Inland Navigation"
Entrepreneurship is essential for the development of innovations in the maritime sector. In addition, a large part of the European fleet are SMEs. We wrote for the Maritieme Academie Holland the course “Entrepreneurship in Inland Navigation” and provide the appropriate course now for the 4th year. The successful completion of this course entitles the diploma Entrepreneur in Inland Shipping. This degree is a prerequisite for obtaining the required transport authorization.

Inland Navigation course

We provide an in-house course in inland navigation. This ensures a higher level of knowledge among employees and also encourages discussion about the way in which the organization handles (the possibilities) of transport over water.

Training " Creative problem solving and decision making"
In order to encourage entrepreneurship within the customer's organization, we trained our customer in "Creative problem solving and decision making. We did this in close cooperation with and on behalf of Q-management.
Nautical advice inland terminal

On behalf of consortium De Klerk / Van den Herik we wrote a nautical advice in the design of an inland terminal. Important here was the situation facing implementation of the Directive Waterways.


For similar type of projects, we have simulation models available for design simulations in port areas.

For a chemical company with a branch in Dordrecht, we have conducted research into the feasibility of a quay wall for this company. The study indicated what is necessary to make the port ready for use and which investments are globally involved.

LNG as fuel and LNG as a shore power fuel
For a Dutch port, we conducted research into the nautical and infrastructural preconditions for the use of LNG as marine fuel and for the use of LNG as fuel for shore power.

Optimization of port rate structure in the municipality of Oss

For the municipality of Oss, we have written an advice for a possible optimization of the port tariff structure.


Analysis occupancy rate

For the municipality of Venlo, we analyzed the current occupancy rate of the queue and wrote an advice for possibilities to increase the occupancy rate.


Analysis of cost price and commercial value

For the municipality of Bergen op Zoom we did research into the cost price and the commercial value of a quay in their port. The research was input for negotiations on renewed lease agreements.



Feasibility study national card for truck drivers

On behalf of Secure Logistics and Transport en Logistiek Nederland we did research into the feasibility of introducing a national card for professional drivers in goods transport in the context of safety. Safety related to access control and cargo through identification and qualification of persons.


The study provided insight into the scope, scope and preconditions of a project that had already been started: National introduction of standard ID resource in the Transport and Logistics sector.

Chairman Board of Directors, Binnenvaart Kredietunie Nederland.
In January 2015 Marieke Vavier is formally appointed as chairman of the Board of Directors of the Inland Shipping Entrepreneurs Credit Union Netherlands (BKN). More information on what a credit union is can be found in a blog written by Marieke Vavier (in Dutch).

Shortlist for the Maritime Strategy Work Program

For the Maritime Strategy work program, we have compiled a shortlist on behalf of the Dutch Association of Inland Ports with relevant projects for inland ports.

Bundling cargo, Zeeland, The Netherlands.
We are part of the project "Bundling cargo". The aim of the project is to encourage parties in the Zeeland region to find potential matchings between origin and destination of goods, to utilize the supply chain in an optimal way. The project is initiated by  Zeeland Connect.
Development of a logistic concept.
Commissioned by Impuls Zeeland and Foodport Zeeland we have investigated the possibilities of improvinga logistics concept. This concept is offered to an international supermarket chainby three entrepreneurs from the Zeeland region.


The Zeeland region is becoming more attractive for logistics service providers by applying a uniform or standardized registration policy. It is interesting for companies (shippers) from the viewpoint of reliability, efficiency, safety and speed. Similar interests can be achieved for transporters if several companies have implemented the standard.


The core of the project is the common definition and acceptance of a standardized registration policy and system by companies and logistics service providers in the Zeeland region.


One of our experts is a member of the "InnovatieschuurThis Innovation Lab, for and by the Inland Waterway Transport sector, aims to develop generic solutions to improve the sustainability of the inland waterway fleet.


Binnenvaart maakt schoon schip

We have supported a grant application under the competition "Inland makes clean sweep". This competition was organized by NL Agency. We won the second prize!


Division Harbour Master Port of Zwolle

Part of the cooperation in Port of Zwolle is the integration of nautical management. The nautical management must be transferred to the new Harbor Master's Division. We have written a proposal for an organizational plan for this division Harbor Master.


Summercourse International Marketing and Logistics

We provide the logistics part of the Summercourse for the Hogeschool Rotterdam. Participants in this are international students.


Modules SMARTport and Orientation on Mainports

For Hogeschool INHolland we provided the SMARTport and Orientation on Mainports modules. These modules give students insight into the way ports work and how "smart" this sector is and in the node and network function that a mainport has.


Port Finance

For the Port of Beira we provided an in-house Port Finance module. With this we have provided insight into the way in which Port Finance can be conducted in an efficient and modern way.






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