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PSR and DGMR associate partners

Engineering and consultancy firm DGMR and Port Solutions Rotterdam (PSR) join expertises. On June 15 this cooperation is confirmed between DGMR director Michel van Kesteren and PSR director Marieke Vavier. Their cooperation brings together specialists from both organizations.


DGMR and PSR share their knowledge to offer solutions even better. DGMR does that from its role as an environmental consultant for industry and government. "Our expertise is advising organizations and assist in business development, environment, safety and zoning. Starting with your business plan, through (strategic) risk analysis and environmental permits, coordination with the authorities and other stakeholders to realization and implementation" said Michel van Kesteren.


Port Solutions Rotterdam has an extensive track record in diverse national and international projects. Marieke Vavier: "Port Solutions Rotterdam is a powerful network in which different stakeholders achieve what is necessary for advancement of logistics and maritime sectors. Co-creation, innovation, scalability, commerce and profitability, that's the core of the added value of the solutions PSR offers."


Both associate partners not only share their knowledge among themselves, but also those interested in the various fields of expertise. DGMR and Port Solutions will jointly organize meetings on relevant themes.

Who is directing your supply chain and why isn't it you?

In the BOX Intermodal and Containers, our experts Arvid Hendriks and Marieke Vavier wrote an article about their vision on supply chains and the methodology they have developed together. #ESSC, Excellence in Strategic Supply Chain. 


Read the full article here.

Masterclass Port Cooperation

The Dutch Society of Inland Ports(NVB) organizes in cooperation with Port Solutions Rotterdam and other associated members a Masterclass Port Cooperation (in Dutch).


The Masterclass will take place on Wednesday, June 29th from 14:00 in Utrecht.


PSR provides two workshops. Bart Verkade will give more background about the different methods and types of port cooperation. Marieke Vavier will elaborate on existing port cooperation and how that can be a success or how it can remain a success.


The Masterclass is open to members (free) and non-members (EUR 195 excl VAT) of the NVB.

Sign up through this link!


In the Scheepvaartkrant an article is published about the expansion of the Port Solutions Rotterdam platform. You can read the article (in Dutch) here.


Port Solutions Rotterdam is the driving force behind a growing network of professionals in the maritime and logistics sector. A growing community of businesses and organizations seeking innovative solutions for port development and logistics. Port Solutions Rotterdam represents a powerful network with different stakeholders needed for innovation of the logistics and maritime sector.

"Great future for small inland waterway barging."

An article is published in the Box Intermodal & Containers, written by our experts Bart Verkade and Marieke Vavier with the title "Great future for small inland waterway barging. How to finance it?"

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