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Do you think you fit at our PSR platform? Please contact us via and send your resume. We are always looking for inspiring colleagues for innovation projects, innovative training, an inspirational guest speaker or the other services that we offer. We are here to offer solutions and like to do that. Do you also have that mentality? Please contact us. The same goes for good interns and graduates of universities. master and bachelor students are welcome. You have a great innovative inspiring idea? Let us know! This may involve social media, website, storytelling. But think especially about issues such as port development, business case development, preparing investment decision for both port authorities and non port related companies, supply chain development, logistical chain development, intermodal transport, synchromodality, multimodal transport, rail, rail transport, road transport, inland navigation inland shipping, (within) shipping, pipelines, entrepreneurship, start-up, innovation, scale-up, wet infrastructure, dry infrastructure, risk management, business strategy, project management, business control, business development, both nationally and internationally, innovative business models, marketing , economics, corporate strategy, human resource management, asset management, port economics, port competition, port cooperation, port competition, budgeting, zero-based-budgeting, maritime education, maritime training, strategy development, human resource development, simulators and their use, value added services, control tower, both development and management, warehousing, warehouse management, distribution, distribution management, urban distribution, security, political and administrative relations. And of course it is not just about education in Rotterdam, but also in Dordrecht, Flushing, Amsterdam, Utrecht, The Hague, Leiden and the rest of the Netherlands and beyond.

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